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The Musicians Association of Hawaii (MAH) represents professional musicians in the State of Hawaii and belongs to the greater family known as the American Federation of Musicians, uniting music professionals from all of the United States and Canada.


MAH serves musicians of all genres, from jazz to Jawaiian, to classical, pop, rock, indie and other contemporary styles. We represent musicians live in concert as well as in performances broadcast via radio, television and the Internet, and recorded on CDs, film and other media.

MAH helps musicians negotiate fair contracts, track down deadbeat employers, obtain affordable insurance for themselves and their instruments, and protect their interests in today’s rapidly changing entertainment industry.  Through collective bargaining we help secure better pay, better working conditions, job security, pension and disability benefits. Our organization is run by musicians for musicians.

We understand.


If you are not yet a member, please consider joining.  We have a lot to offer, and you have a lot to gain. Through collective action, our members receive benefits and privileges that individual musicians would be hard pressed to provide for themselves.


Did you know?

  • With every Union contract you receive pension contributions.  You can be playing solo guitar in a restaurant and accruing money for your retirement.
  • If you record with certain Union contracts, you get paid again later, from the AFM Special Payments Fund.
  • If the Union recording you made gets used in another medium such as a movie or a television show, you get paid again.
  • As a member in good standing you have access to free rehearsal space, a payroll service, liability insurance, a performance/recording studio, and lots more.
  • If you are in a self contained band or group of two or more musicians, you can join the union at the same time and save $165.00 per person.
That’s the short list of perks and benefits.  There’s more.
The Musicians Association of Hawaii is here to help musicians thrive, and to ensure that a fair share of  profits from the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry goes to the people who make the music.  It’s what we do.