Drums/Percussion Teacher

Harold Chang

Instruments: Drum Set,Percussion, Bongos,Congas,Timbales

Age range: 10 Years – 75 years

Contact phone: (808) 735-2866


Gary Leandro

Instruments: Percussion, Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Jembe, Tables, Frame Drums, Drum Set.

Age range: 20 Years & up

Contact phone: 554-6868

email: pu.drum@hotmail.com

Darryl Pellegrini

Instruments: Drum Set

Age range: All Ages

Contact phone: (808) 484-1800


email: darrylpellegrini@yahoo.com

Scott Shafer

Instruments: Drum Set

Age range: 6 Years & up

Contact phone: (808) 395-1479

Comments: Berklee College of Music graduate, proficient in all styles. Cater to
individual needs. 27 years in the business.

Michael Sommer

Instruments: Drum Set, Percussion, Mallets

Age range: All Ages

Contact phone: (808) 348-1531


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